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Battle Results - 04/09/2018

Author: Justin D Leingang, 04/10/18

Battle Results are in for the night of April 9th, 2018. Joshua Jennings has become a beast of a General. Tony Morone and family get sharper.

Battle Results for April 9th, 2018 have been posted.

  • It became painfully obviously last night that Joshua Jennings has become one of the most formidable Generals in the WLOC, making razor sharp tactical decisions and surprising Justin D Leingang into defeat--twice!
  • Tony Morone and family returned to the WLOC to further improve their Warline aptitude. And, improve it they did! It was quite evident that Tony and his daughter have a solid fundamental understanding of the game, and are beginning to reach out and experiment with more advanced tactical decision making.

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